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Celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH with the documentary: AFROLATINOS “The Untaught History”

Jan 29, 2019

AfroLatinos “An Untaught History”
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In 2008 Renzo Devia and Alicia Anabel Santos embarked on a journey no other team has done before. They sought out to find their African roots by traveling to almost every single country in Latin America. The intention was to document the African influence in Latino culture seeking out the often unspoken truths, stories and hidden facts about this history. What they discovered was a history that never been taught. It became a spiritual and educational adventure that would change their lives forever. Renzo took his 20+ years of experience producing television combined with Alicia’s passion for writing and they created AfroLatinos: “An Untaught History”.
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News / Noticias     National Action Network in Harlem MLK celebration present Martin Luther King, Jr. as a family man. Photos by: SEITU ORONDE,  929 407-4189 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   ELE OnTheSceneMEET ELE...


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