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Dolores Huerta, a civil rights advocate and labor leader

Sep 22, 2018

Born in New Mexico to a Mexican immigrant family 🇲🇽 she has dedicated her life to championing Farmworker’s Rights. ✊🏾

One of her most important contributions has been co-founding–along with Cesar Chavez–what eventually became United Farm Workers (UFW).

The lettuce, grape, and wine boycotts she planned in the 1970s helped lead to the passage of the Agricultural Labor Relations Act which finally allowed California farmworkers to bargain collectively.

President Obama honored Dolores for her lifetime achievements with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012, the highest award for civilians in this country 👏🏾

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Celebraciones de Halloween en los cinco condados de la ciudad de Nueva York

Este octubre, la ciudad de Nueva York será una vez más sede de una innumerable gama de festividades de Halloween en los cinco condados. Desde uno de los desfiles de Halloween más grandes del país, el Village Halloween Parade, hasta las docenas de casas embrujadas y las actividades de otoño, la ciudad de Nueva York ofrece algo para todos los aficionados a Halloween, sin importar la edad o tolerancia a lo espeluznante.