“It’s the Fuller Brush Man” trailer

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IT’S THE FULLER BRUSH MAN From film journalist-turned-filmmaker Craig Barboza comes a heartwarming family documentary. Shot on Super 8 video, IT’S THE FULLER BRUSH MAN is the record of a conversation about life between the director and his aging but irrepressible father, “Tinny.” In a funny, freewheeling 47 minutes, the film traces Tinny’s transformation from socially insecure son of Cape Verdean immigrants to World War II staff sergeant and beloved Fuller Brush Man who raised eight boys with wife Lillian before retiring in 2004. It’s a poignant portrait filled with music, love and optimism that will linger in the mind long after it’s over.

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Neymar and Monick Camargo

Neymar and Monick Camargo

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