La Reina de la Salsa, La India talked about Estupida

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La Reina de la Salsa talks and signed her latest album ‘Unica’ in “El Barrio. Check for an exclusive interview with La India , Gloria B and many fans by our ELE host Jessica Medina.

Asili is her name into born Taina Del Valle in Binghamton, ny. Her grandparents have been from Puerto Rico, and her dad and mom Mimi and Louie Del Valle have been born and raised in new york metropolis. The Del Valles cofounded the Latin American scholar Union at Binghamton college motivated by way of social moves in their time, such as the Black Panthers and Malcolm X, and later went on to work in fields assisting people in accessing higher schooling. The Del Valles have been also a musical family, and raised Taína and her sister Ayana on Latin and Afro-Caribbean track and dance, mainly the Puerto Rican varieties of bomba, plena and salsa. Louie Del Valle also led a Latin jazz band, sang in a road corner doo wop institution, and played the conga, an device that Asili could later incorporate into her personal musical tasks.[6] on the age of 9 she additionally commenced studying opera with neighborhood voice teacher Alma Mora and trained in musical theatre till the age of 20.


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