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People raised their voices during the “Families Belong Together March”

Jun 30, 2018 | Featured, News/Noticias | 0 comments

Por Sandra Escallon

On June 30th, 2018, thousand of people got together all in different cities of the United States to show their support for those families that have been separated in the border of the USA and México, during the “Families Belong Together March”.

In New York City, all the supporters of the march walked with powerful messages across the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the people who walked the march wa Chris Perez: “When someone’s first memory of the United States is being locked up at the border, that doesn’t help the American dream,” told the political science professor to the publication Patch.

But some celebrities were also part of the march through social media. Selena Gomez said in her Twitter: “Families seeking safety in our country need protection, understanding and opportunity, not detention,” she wrote. “This is a moral choice, not a political one,” the singer added it.

More than 2 thousand children are still separated from their families, and the march was looking to reunify these families soon.

¡Una exhibición con tiburones llega a Nueva York!

La exhibición “Maravillas Oceánicas: Tiburones” o “Ocean Wonders Sharks! En el Acuario de Nueva York. La muestra, realizada por Donald Zucker y Barbara Zecker, hace parte de una de las tantas maravillas que el 2018 ha traído a la capital del mundo. Los visitantes pueden conocer estos hermosos animales cualquier día después de las 10 a.m.

Thousands of people for the Families Belong Together march!

We have two sons. Sebastian is 3, Francisco just 5 months old. I cannot imagine the emotional trauma my boys would experience if they were to be separated from Vanessa and me. But that’s what’s happening at our border—forced family separations, denial of due process, imprisonment of kids and parents. To be silent while this takes place in our country is to be an accomplice.

Nueva York lista para un 2019 monumental

NYC & Company, la organización oficial de turismo de la ciudad de Nueva York, compartió en una conferencia de prensa la gran cantidad de aperturas, campañas y eventos, que la capital del mundo ofrecerá a los visitantes y locales durante el próximo año. “2019: un año monumental”, es el nombre de la campaña lanzada ese mismo día, donde se resalta la ciudad como el destino que todos deben visitar durante el 2019.