Sandra Escallón
Editor in Chief

Sandra Escallón is an award-winning bilingual journalist and public speaker based in NYC. She is passionate about arts, culture, and social issues. Sandra graduated from Montclair University with a major in Communication Studies (Emphasis in Journalism and Organizational Communication). She has experienced as a writer, journalist, social media expert, public relations, reporter and blogger. Sandra has worked with media outlets such as HOLA! USA, NY1 noticias, En La Escena TV, My LifeStyle Magazine, Fusion Magazine and Noticia Corta. Sandra was also the Press Representative/Public Relations Specialist of World Music Boutique Productions and Daniel Fetecua Productions, and has collaborated as Press Officer of The Colombian Film Festival. Some of the assignments that she has attended are: The Colombian Film Festival, New York Fashion Week, Afro-Latino Festival and others. She has also interviewed artists such as Calle 13, Bomba Estéreo, Hans Zimmer and JR. Sandra has been the host of the four edition of Festival International del Mariachi and a moderator of theLatino Film Festival. Sandra thinks that believing in her dreams, listening to her heart and love are the tools to be a light for herself and share it with the world.