“Tension gave way to voluptuous softness, and powerful overhead lifts melted into the floor in silken extensions.”
New York Times


[Brooklyn NY]  Tango – the word has acquired an almost mythical aura – exuding sensuality, excitement, and drama. On November 5th, Estampas Porteñas will take Brooklyn audiences on a magical tour, showcasing this vibrant art form, its customs and richly inventive language of music and dance at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, (8pm, Walt Whitman Theatre, 2900 Avenue H, 718-951-4500, $36-$55,


Direct from Buenos Aires, under the guidance of artistic director, Carolina Soler, Estampas Porteñas will present their newest production, Deseos…Stories of Longing and Desire told through Argentine Tango and Music.” Deseos is a celebration of the greatest artistic elements of Argentina including the indomitable tango, the athletic malambo of the gauchos, and musical styles that range from the melancholic to celebratory.


This exhilarating, new production features a storyline from start to finish and will also include advanced technical elements such as 3D projection mapping (the first-ever company to undertake such a production), a method of illumination and projection that allow the stage to be transformed instantaneously from a train station in rural Argentina, to a milonga in an urban barrio, to an outdoor plaza in Buenos Aires. Deseos promises to be the height of technical production matched by flawless, emotive dancing, and ardent, soul-filled music. This spectacular show will tour with a 26-member company of dancers, musicians, a singer, and full crew, and will advance the art form of tango in a way never seen before, creating something closer to a tango opera and tango musical theater.


Estampas Porteñas was founded in Buenos Aires in 1997 by the distinguished dancer and choreographer Carolina Soler. Beginning her career in classical ballet, Ms. Soler was celebrated for her dazzling portrayals of traditional classical ballet roles. With Estampas Porteñas she turns to the dance form that is the heart and soul of Argentina. In its first year, Estampas Porteñas toured China, performing over 60 successful shows. On its return to Argentina, the company performed at the Cultural Centre General San Martin, enjoying popular and critical acclaim being described by local press as “…dazzling the audience with talent, seduction and beauty.” To date, the company has performed in over 20 countries on 5 continents and presented various successful productions including Tango Fire, Tango Feeling, and Entre Tangos y Firuletes



“.Exquisitely skilled dancers with spirit and charisma to match.. the women are lithe with deeply arched backs and finely sculpted legs that slice like machetes with stunning precision and flexibility. The men have taut, muscular torsos of commanding confidence, and feet and legs as nimble off the ground as on.”

The Globe


“Really exciting dancers to watch. Their technical display in their footwork and their level of coordination was quite extraordinary.”

Ballet Dance Magazine


“New choreographic material…that reflect the speed of contemporary urban tango, yet retain the precision and polish of its golden age.”

The Guardian, London, UK




Saturday, November 5, 8pm


Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts @ Walt Whitman Theatre, 2900 Avenue H


$36-$55  |  718-951-4500  |


ARTIST WEB: estampas-portenas






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