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Who We Are

En La Escena/On The Scene is a bilingual program highlighting Latino and Caribbean lifestyle, by educating and entertaining its audience through the exposure of this rich multi-faceted culture. En La Escena/On The Scene’s core audience is second and third generation Latinos, born in the U.S. living the American way, but still have a strong cultural connection to their cultural roots, either through music.

We interview a wide diversity of cultures to our program to embraces a worldwide audience, because the majority of our programming is produced in English with a dash of Spanish or Portuguese for flavor, but that does not preclude us from producing segments completely in Spanish or Portuguese, when it is needed to portray the topic with all its nuances keeping as authentic as possible.Having in mind about diversity in the Latin culture with people coming from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Columbia and now as we expand through the internet we are incorporating Latinos who live across the world.

Meet Our Leaders

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