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Who We Are

En La Escena/On The Scene is a bilingual program highlighting Latino and Caribbean lifestyle, by educating and entertaining its audience through the exposure of this rich multi-faceted culture. En La Escena/On The Scene’s core audience is second and third generation Latinos, born in the U.S. living the American way, but still have a strong cultural connection to their cultural roots, either through music.

We interview a wide diversity of cultures to our program to embraces a worldwide audience, because the majority of our programming is produced in English with a dash of Spanish or Portuguese for flavor, but that does not preclude us from producing segments completely in Spanish or Portuguese, when it is needed to portray the topic with all its nuances keeping as authentic as possible.Having in mind about diversity in the Latin culture with people coming from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Columbia and now as we expand through the internet we are incorporating Latinos who live across the world.

Meet Our Leaders

Anthony Austin
Executive Producer, ELE CEO/Founder
Obtained a degree in Television Broadcasting and started his career as a freelance camera operator and producer before joining Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC Office of Media and Entertainment. This position allowed him to work all across the world including China, Bali, Mexico, Denmark, Israel and the White House. Anthony leads the global production team that produces program specials, live broadcasts and viral commercials that contribute to the agency’s unique capabilities.
Eddie Harris
ELE Editor/Director
Created produced, shot, edited-Bilingual STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) based educational videos for the enhancement of student awareness of STEM related careers. Through the use of powerful video interviews, it shows all students the importance of STEM careers and provide them with entry points into exploring those careers to help them succeed in STEM and Succeed in Life.
Madeline Gómez
Head of Marketing, Public Relations Director
Maddy core operating style is focused on building efficient websites with measurable results. She earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from CUNY. Madeline has 10 years of experience managing online marketing that includes website development and design, ensuring authentic client visibility. Madeline is also liaison to affiliate PR agencies where being Trilingual allows her to communicate with international associates.
Karina Robledo
Videographer - Editor
Karina was born and raised in New York City and graduated from St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights with a degree in Communication, also teaches youth who came from around the world drama, video production, dance, art, and fashion. She is creative, fashionable lover of the arts and entertainment industry. Karina began working with En La Escena/On The Scene as an intern and eventually earned positions as a photographer, videographer and then as an editor. She excels in her role as Videographer/2nd Camera person at En La Escena/On The Scene.
Tommy Gantt
Technical Producer
Tommy is a 20 year Broadcast Professional in New York City. He has an extensive amount of experience with Microwave Transmissions, Satellite Transmissions, Cellular Bonding Streaming, Grass Valley Acquisitions and Ingesting, Avid Interplay Acquisitions, photography, live news and production. Tommy's mission is to deliver the broadcast industry standards of production to your internet audience will be view able over any internet connected TV, computer or mobile device.