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Ashley Stewart in Harlem New York

Dec 23, 2018

The Ashley Stewart in Harlem New York was the place to be last night , As Lala Anthony curated & debuted her exclusive “Lany collection” a collaboration with Ashley Stewart serving fierce looks for the plus size curvy women like myself , Lala steps off wining her first NAACP award for her role in the new edition movie , she is now adding fashion designer to her many titles, when I asked lala what was her inspiration for the line & why Ashley Stewart she replied “wanted to bring sexy , chic look to kill all those stereotypes about plus size models not being sexy!
The La La Anthony Collection is available online and in 20 select store locations. The line will feature 14 new styles, curated by La La herself, consisting of dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms (including denim), activewear sets, and outerwear beginning at $22 up.
what is next for lala ? we’ll make sure you tune in to the interview as we get a sneak peek into power season 6 !

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