Alex Cuba 19 – Higher Truth: Alex Cuba Distills His Sound to its Essence on Sublime

Oct 12, 2019

By Mara Sanchez
Music Review

Alex Cuba. Latin Grammy Award-winning musician in promo shot for album Sublime release. 2019 

Alex Cuba’s recent release, ‘Sublime’, is just that, a beautiful melange of expertly arranged yet organic layering of acoustics, voice and percussion that gives the listener a space to hear his lyrics.


 While listening to ‘Yo no Sé’ you’ll be tempted to get up and start dancing. He proclaims you need to live life with intent which leads to happiness.


He varies the tempo on the ballad, ‘Voz de Corazón’, a reflection on living life fully and reminding us to “smell the flowers” on the journey of life.


After listening to this beautiful offering, I’d have to agree that his music is Sublime.



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