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Danny Garcia vs. Shawn Porter Post Fight Quotes & Scorecard

Sep 9, 2018 | Featured, On the Scene Sports | 0 comments


Danny Garcia vs. Shawn Porter fight and attached for the scorecard and stats with photos from Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME.
Standby for stats and quotes from Errol Spence Jr.

“I tell people all the time I don’t make predictions. I made a prediction and a hard one to live up to. I said I wasn’t leaving New York without this belt and I’m not leaving New York without this belt.

“I knew he was going to be accurate.  The game plan for me was to be accurate from the outside and show we could beat him without roughing him up on the ropes.

“This title means a lot to me.  It meant a lot to boxing and I wanted to be a part of that.

“He tried to outhustle me, mostly at the end of the rounds.  He did a tremendous job.

“There was some things missing tonight and those aren’t going to be there in the next one.

“It wasn’t’ necessarily about making it wild.  My dad wanted me to stay consistent with the body work and stay consistent with the pressure.”


“I thought I did enough to win.  It was  close fight. The judges didn’t give it to me.

“I busted my head on the inside, plus a couple headbutts on my nose.  It is what it is this is boxing. .

“He was throwing a lot.  I had my defense tight so it wasn’t effective. I thought I landed the clearer shots. I thought I won this fight.

“I have to sit back, relax and see what’s next for me.”


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