Velázquez on Pardon of Oscar Lopez

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Velázquez on Pardon of Oscar Lopez

Washington, DC – Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) released the following statement regarding news that President Obama pardoning Oscar Lopez:

“I thank President Obama for taking this step, an act of magnanimous grace. I also want to thank all the activists, elected officials and ordinary Puerto Ricans who labored tirelessly to secure Oscar’s freedom.

“Over the many years of his imprisonment, Oscar López Rivera has become a symbol for all Puerto Ricans, whether on the island or among the diaspora. His struggle is our struggle and in many ways represents the pain and the journey that all Puerto Ricans have and are living.

“The news that President Obama is pardoning Oscar López is momentous for all Puerto Ricans. At this time, when our beloved island has endured so much economic turmoil and hardship, the release of this gentle man is an important

step of justice. Oscar’s dignity and humanity has helped bring Puerto Ricans of all political orientations together, unifying our people. His release, at long last, must be celebrated and I am profoundly moved that he will, finally, be coming home.”

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