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Who is this lady Dr. Melida Harris Barrow? Known as the Vice Prime Minister of the Africa Diaspora?

Aug 9, 2019


Born in Panama City, Panama, and headquartered in the United States Miami, Florida, Dr. Melida A. Harris has over the past twenty-six years, served in various capacities in government, international business and private organizations and is known from her accomplishments in entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, social and political development. Today Dr, Barrow is the universal peace ambassador for Panama, an author, motivational speaker, life coach, international bestseller, talk show host, philanthropist, CEO of love truth and peace, World Trade and investment foundation, and Harris Business Enterprise.  Among her specialties are international economic investment & trade Development, Sustainable Economic Development through Entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Vice Prime Minister Dr. Melida Harris Barrow

In her capacity as a social and political activist, Dr. Barrow has used expertise to address pressing issues that affect the Caribbean, the Americas, and Africa as well as matters pertaining to human rights and justice for all.  Being an astute communicator, Dr. Harris Barrow is often called upon to speak at various functions, trade organizations, economic development organizations (EDOs), businesses, corporations’ conventions, universities, churches, among others. She is an advocate for personal and professional development and is known for empowering leaders to play their part in advancing the welfare of the human race.


  • African Union Deputy Chairperson

  • African Diaspora Minister of Tourism

  • Afrique Magazine Award for Promoting the African Culture and Continuing to Serve and Support People of African Descent   

  • Chicago Carifette Committee Award for Leadership-Contribution in Promoting Caribbean Culture

  • iChange Nations Great Leader Award

  • Women Add Value Recognition “Women Leadership” Award

  • Distinguished Leadership Recognition Official Medallion Winner

  • Appointed the Golden Rule Goodwill Ambassador

  • Presidential Award from the former President of Ethiopia GirmaWolde – Giorge

  • Award as a Human Conservation Solutionist

  • African Network of Southwest Florida – Keynote Speaker Award;  USA Africa

  • Bridge Builder Award

  • COESL  Dynamic Youths Grenada Business Hub Sustainable Development Through Entrepreneurship Conference Partnership Award

  • Youth Add Value – Sculpting Excellence and Advancing Leadership Award

  • National Statesmen Degree (non-academic degree) for the governing body of     

  • iChange Award

  • Global Humanitarian Award by Love International from Trinidad & Tobago

  • She was recently awarded for her valuable contribution to society as a permanent and high representative of the Afro-Descendant Culture in Panama from the organizers of the 5th International African Festival of Panama

  • The President of Costa Rica, The Honorable, Luis Guillermo Solís presented the Limón Roots Award to  Dr. Melida A. Harris Barrow for her important philanthropic work and promotion of business development of the Afro-descendant community at  an international level

  • Congressional Award “Woman of the Year Award” by Congressman Danny K.

  • Davis Multi-Ethnic Advisory Task Force



The African Union has declared you the 6th region and encourages us to mobilize now. The year 2019, on the African continent, has been declared THE YEAR OF RETURN and the year of the African Diaspora.

With regard to all historic migrations forced by slavery and voluntary, the African Union defines the African Diaspora as “Consisting of people of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union. African diaspora populations include African Americans, Afro Caribbean, Afro Canadians, Afro central Americans – descendants of enslaved West Africans brought to the Americas during the Atlantic slave trade. Also, citizens of different nationalities who have migrated from the nations of Africa. Dual citizenship information coming soon.


For people of African Descent. ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and POLITICAL mobilization and Support.



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