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Alelia Murphy oldest woman living in America 114 years old.

Today in the village of Harlem, family, friends and dignitaries celebrated the Birthday of Ms Alelia Murphy who turned 114 years old, making her the oldest woman living in America.
Born in North Carolina she moved to Harlem at the time of the renaissance in 1926 after having to leaving school because her parents could no longer pay for her tuition. She married her sweetheart Furd Murphy and they had two children after 18 years of marriage.
Some of her personal pleasures are dancing which she did a lot of at the famed Savoy Ballroom and cooking.
With her close knit relationship with her family she now has three grand daughters one passed, and six great-grand children with four surviving.
When asked what was her secret to longevity she said “Obey God and treat people right”.
Anthony Austin
On the Scene News
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