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Triggering Coming of Age Short “Me 3.769” to premiere on HBO on Aug 1st

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Triggering Coming of Age Short “Me 3.769” to premiere on HBO on Aug 1st

A child victim of sexual abuse is at the center of award-winning filmmaker Elaine Del Valle’s Poignant Storyline 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (August 1, 2019)- Me 3.769, a short by award-winning filmmaker Elaine Del Valle exclusively premieres on HBO NOW on August 1. The critically acclaimed film comes about in a time when child sexual abuse is at the forefront of the news, and the #MeToo movement is in full throws.

Inspired, in part, by true events, the numerically titled film, Me 3.769, tells the story of a pubescent girl from Miami that endured sexual abuse by a trusted male figure. The searing script was adapted from Del Valle’s celebrated one-woman play Brownsville Bred, an off-Broadway show that debuted in New York City in 2011.

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The triggering nine-minute short, starring Rodolfo Salas (Betty en New York) and debuting actress, Samantha Lopez, screens at the HBO Latino-sponsored New York Latino Film Festival (NYLFF), one of the nation’s premier Urban Latino film events, Saturday, August 17 at AMC Theatre in Manhattan. Tickets:

The HBO acquisition Me 3.769 comes on the heels of a successful film festival circuit tour, with stops at the Miami Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival, The Maryland International Film Festival, and The Borrego Springs Film Festival, to the forthcoming Harlem Hip-Hop Film Festival and the Oscar-qualifying Holly Shorts.

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“In the end, this movie is about how we women uniquely empower each other, and our ability to pave the way for future generations.”, said Elaine Del Valle on making Me 3.769

Elaine Del Valle has worked as a casting director for nearly a decade. In recent years, she’s manifested her passion for storytelling through directing and producing. In 2017 the short film Victor & Isolina, which she produced, screened at Sundance.

In 2015, Del Valle became the first person ever to license an interstitial series to HBO when the network acquired thirty episodes of the web series she produced, “Gran’pa Knows Best.” Since then, Elaine has licensed several films to the network, but Me 3.769 marks her first as writer and director on the channel.

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Me 3.769airs on Thursday, August 1 at 7:20 PM EST on HBO NOW in the Estrenos slate and will be available to stream across the channel’s platforms afterward.

Immediately following the premiere, filmmaker Elaine Del Valle will take to Facebook for a post-show watch party and community talkback from 7:30 PM EST.

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ON SET: Cast members Elizabeth Danielle Pujadas and Rodolfo Salas shooting ME 3.769 in Miami


Director: Elaine Del Valle

Producer: Elaine Del Valle, Randy Valdes, Taryn Kosviner, Debbie Gold, Elizabeth Mitchell

Screenwriter: Elaine Del Valle

Executiva Producer: Al Eskenazy, Tara Holmes

Production Company: Del Valle Productions, Inc.

Music: Amie Doherty

Cinematographer: Héctor David Rosales

Editor: Elaine Del Valle

Cast: Samantha Lopez, Rodolfo Salas, Vanessa Elise, Elizabeth Danielle Pujadas, Justin Martinez, Kiara Kupersmit


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